Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hello Me? it's Me.

I bloody love bandwagons.  So I'm jumpin' this one like I'm getting the hell outta Dodge.  One of the recent trending topics on Twitter (follow me, bitches) was 'tweet your 16 year old self'.

Here's some stuff I'd say to me if I could meet me back then.

1)  You're hot.  Much hotter than you think.. flaunt that shit, girlie.  And if you think you're fat (which I know for a fact you do, seeing as I AM you) just remember that if 165 lbs feels fat now, it's gonna feel feckin' awesome after being 232 lbs

2)  Take your OACs and get your ass to college.  Work your way through if you have to.

3) Go to the doctor.  Even if you think it's probably nothing.  It's not.

4) Don't be afraid to make new friends, especially if they reach out to you.   They're probably not 'just being nice/taking pity' on you and really do want to be your friend.

5) That plan you have of not getting married until well into your thirties?  Consider keeping that in mind, since choosing otherwise will end badly.  But if you don't, that's okay too.. You'll get two beautiful babies out of the deal.

6) Most of all, don't be afraid to take risks.

7) That skirt looks like a tablecloth, and should never be paired with a brown military type jacket.  Sorry.

I AM hot, and those pants ARE the fucking coolest.
8) Don't let anyone tell you those brown cords aren't the coolest fuckin' pants in the world.  They are.

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  1. Love this. Might steal it. (with my own answers. although your answers are pretty close :) )


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