Friday, August 20, 2010

Stand Back! I'm trying Plumbing!

So I was gifted with a gently used, apartment sized washer/dryer set over the weekend. Being that my home is a small one, I've got the dryer set up in the mudroom (and will eventually find somewhere to plug it in). The Washer is in the kitchen and it's on wheels, allowing me to roll it on over to the kitchen sink when I want to do some laundry and hook it up to the faucet.

I am very excited (and a little sad) at the prospect of being able to do my own laundry whenever I want.


Getting said washer/dryer combo set up is presenting a challenge, to say the least. When I took the aerator off the kitchen faucet, I discovered that the hoses that hook up to the washer are way too big to fit onto the teeny-tiny faucet. So after work today I took a jaunt to one of my favorite places in the world... Canadian Tire! Let's face it, I love any place that gives you actual paper money (okay, fine, colorful play money) for shopping there, rather than some kind of intangible points system.

As much as I love Canadian Tire, I'm always a little overwhelmed going in there.. especially if I'm feeling particularly girly.. like I'm immediately suspect. Not 30 seconds into the store a red-shirted employee asked me quite friendly like if I needed help. I was barely in the door. Maybe it was the flower in my hair or the awestruck look on my face, or the cloud of estrogen that I apparently walk around in, but my need for assistance was palpable.

Nonetheless I struck out for aisles 51/52 on my own with an appreciative "Thank you sir! That remains to be seen!"

I should ask for help.

More accurately, I should measure things before I go places rather than attempt to guess. Because right now I'm sitting here, with an adaptor that's about 1/8th of an inch too small, and a weeks worth of dirty laundry and absolutely no motivation to drive back into Midland for another part. *sigh*

Maybe there's a nice rock I can beat my clothes against somewhere.

The newish washer

Just a smidge too small.

At least this part fit.

Le sigh.

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