Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kicking my inner bitch in the taco with the steel-toed boot of creativity..

I was hit with a burst of creativity last night that knocked me off my feet. I think if every night was as artistically fulfilling as last night, I could easily never leave my house again, and happily live out the eccentric starving artist stereotype - you know.. the lady 'of a certain age' with her colorful but comfortable attire, her cats, her bottles of wine and her young lovers. Ohhh, wouldn't that be nice.

There's still time for all that.

It was quite lovely tho, enjoying a nice half-bottle of wine, listening to music and getting thoroughly mess and right 'into it'. Up to my neck, mentally speaking. Just focused and relaxed all at the same time.

Once I was done and satisfied - nay, enthralled with the final result, which is rare being my own worst critic - I sat with the guitar and a nice little buzz and played and felt so in tune with the music that I could instantly pick out certain chord progressions and go off on blues-scale based tangents. I can barely hold down the strings today my fingertips are so tender.

I wish I could find 'that place' more often.

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