Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shvitzing on the dock of the bay

Short but bizarre dream this morning. It basically takes place at work. I'm on the phone with a customer. I'm standing up and looking out the window where it is raining. Okay, that might be a little simplistic. It is raining that kind of rain where you can't see crap and you wouldn't be surprised to see a menagerie floating by on an ark.

Outside, in place of the usual parking lot full of cars, is a lake with one or two rickety wooden docks jutting out into the swirling gray water.

The gentleman I am on the phone with is telling me about the dreary weather in Ohio. In the middle of saying "I'd rather be in Ohio than here right now" I look out the window to see one of my more recent exes standing out on the edge of the dock attempting to play an acoustic guitar, but continually being bowled over by the wind and the waves crashing up on the dock. He's in head to toe black (which is none-too-odd) and a black fedora, along with a white scarf/towel around his shoulders so as to appear like some kind of odd singing rabbi/30s gangster.

The customer on the phone is trying to get my attention, and I watch the rain and wonder how I'll get to Huntsville in such a torrential downpour. In typical dream fashion - Then I Woke Up.


Ugh. Feeling not so good. Hoping to fight it until Sunday when Halloween is over. Considering quarantining myself now. h1n1 paranoia ftl. Better safe than sorry I suppose.

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