Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's that time again...

Obligatory I feel bad for not blogging in bloody forever time!

In some ways, not much to report, and in others much.

I made the decision that I am going to go to U of T in september, and see if I can pull it off. If not, then I attempt to do my catch-up courses by correspondence or in the summer, and go for fourth year at Laurentian as planned. I think one semester should be at least enough time for me to tell if the commute is going to kill me or not.

Work is good, I thought for a while that they might think about keeping me on -- which would require either a hefty raise, or a huge cutback in hours so I could still go to school, but I'm thinking it's unlikely. They've given me much praise on my work, but if I had a shot of whiskey for everytime my boss says 'when you're done at the end of the summer' then I'd have had my stomach pumped ages ago. But they've given me what I think is permanent digs, so I don't have to have flashes of Office Space every few weeks. And I've been given more responsibility.. along with with the research and data entry

The love life is looking up. I had the good fortune to meet someone special a while ago, and we've been very slowly getting to know each other. It's been nice, but suffice it to say, the slowness has been a necessity as my spare time is fleeting. But things for once seem to be going well enough for me to, at the very least, change my Facebook status from 'single' to... well... nothing. :-P I err on the side of caution at all times. It's both a blessing and a curse. But I'm cautiously optimistic about this... it's so bizarre though, as my dating experience has been rather fleeting, and after being single (well in most ways... Sammi, you know what I'm referring to) for so long, I'm really just retarded at all this.

I'm trying to get the girls set up with school, as we are changing their school in the fall to one closer to their dad's place, since they spend most days there, and it's easier for me to drive five minutes across town to take them to school, than it is for the boy to walk an hour with four kids across town to pick them up. The question lies with whether or not the school will allow the transfer, as I still *legally* have primary address and custody. It may involve us having to rewrite our separation agreement to accurately reflect our current arrangement.... that is, equal access, no support payments. Meh, if that's what it takes....

Going to see Harry Potter this weekend! This marks my last kid-free, unplanned weekend for almost a month! I have the girls for the next two weekends in a row, as the boy and the GF are going camping, then in three weeks I'm in SAN DIEGO! I need to start making plans soon people, I'm gonna have one day -- probably friday the 3rd -- to come and meet people, so if you're in, let me know (Chris, Paul, Joseph I'm looking at you...)

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