Saturday, February 17, 2007

Superhero girl.

The girls are sick. Pinkeye and a cough. We watched 6 hours of Sailor moon today.

Yesterday, before they got sick, we managed to get down to the Ontario Science Centre for the Marvel Comics exhibit, and man, that was some good times. I totally forgot to bring any and all directions I had, both the directions to Sammi's workplace, as well as the directions to the Science centre from there. I managed to get to Sam's work pretty easily as I had memorized the directions before I left.

-- by the way, I might mention that I friggin hate the fact that MapQuest and Google Maps will always give you a route that puts you on the 407 whenever possible. The 407 is a toll road, so I avoid it like the plague. --

There were some pretty cool things to see at the exhibit, it was all science-y things that were associated with various marvel superheros, eg. a Daredevil based display about the senses, with a little cave that you had to try to navigate through by clicking your tongue and gauging your location by sound; a magnet display (GUess who); a room where you yelled into a void to test your decibel level (Banshee); Using Lightening measure distance (Storm)... you get the picture.

The girls ran around and we're generally pretty good. Sammi and I took turns taking racy pictures with the giant wall cut outs - Will post some later, we have yet to exchange our pics with each other... half of them are on her camera, half on mine, and the ones I want to post are on her camera. Go fig.

Took a detour to the gift shop where I bought the most wonderful mug ever. Okay, so it's nothing compared to Ninja Chris' Spider-Man Cocoa mug, but it's still pretty darn neat. It may even beat out my Dubble Bubble mug for most favored coffee mug.

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This is my secret identity. You can tell by the glasses

I also got the girls a magnet play set and some tattoos and stickers. Reagan is obsessed with fake tattoos. For those of you who know The Boy, are we surprised by this?

Oh, I forgot to mention, there was a hot security guard following us around, we took our picture with him (On sammi's camera again... grrr.) At one point he walked by and tried getting the kids attention by singing the Dora theme. Twas quite humorous.

McDonalds for dinner (at like 9pm no less) and I like I said, considering how late they ate, the girls were really well-behaved.

Got ridiculously lost trying to get back to Sammi's house, or just out of Toronto for that matter. Shouldn't have been that hard, just a matter of getting on one of the major North/South roads, but when we got to them, we couldn't remember if we HAD been going East or West, so without that, it's difficult to decide in the dark in the city if you are going North or South, especially when you know nothing of landmarks, like I do.

Fortunately we are neither of us the type to get freaked out by being lost, we just drove around and laughed at how lost we were. On the bright side, I found a gas station sell for .78 per L. Not too shabby.

Okay I lied, I am going to post some pictures, but I will update this when I have the other pics as well.

Or... maybe not. I hate you Photobucket.

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