Monday, October 31, 2011

Quick Halloween Breakdown...

Crazy busy Halloween weekend, between parties and getting the kids ready.  I'll share a few pics:

For my costume I stole an idea from an article on The Hairpin and went as an Un-Ladybug

Yeah, this pretty much sums up what I was going for.
Oh, that's right.  Last Thursday night I coloured my hair this insane shade of pink.  I was going for fire-engine red (and it kind of looks as such in this picture) but no, it's pink.  I'm kind of in lust with it, and may keep it for a while.  I like my hair so much right now I want to make dirty sweet love to it.

My children, being my children and thus the children of an insufferable hipster, decided they wanted to go as cartoon characters that were relevant 15-20 years ago.  Not just that, but supporting characters.  To the best of my knowledge, outside of a handful of 20-something gamers, no one cares about Sonic the Hedgehog but my kids.

I see many fan conventions in my children's future and I wouldn't be surprised if they end up being active cosplayers.

In the meantime I managed to put together some pretty decent interpretations of Amy the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat.

... they TOTALLY look like animated characters, don't they?
In the case of the Rouge costume, it almost feels weird to take a costume idea and make it less slutty.  Seems to go against what this holiday seems to be all about lately.  I'm not complaining because A) it's refreshing and B) this is my freakin' ten-year-old KID, so of course I'm gonna G-rate it up a bit!  Otherwise there would have been no way my kid was going to go out looking like an anthropomorphized bat-prostitute.  I think it turned out well, though, don't you?

It was cold for trick-or-treating tonight, but compared to other years it was still a pretty decent night.  No rain, no heavy winds, no snow (!).  This weekend I've eaten too much candy and drank too much wine.  And I've discovered prosciutto and all it's nummy bacon-likeness.

I hope everyone has had a safe and Happy Halloween.


  1. you all look awesome!

    Me=Hercules, wife= Venus, 15 yr old = police officer, 8 yr old= blue ninja, 7 yr old = pink cheetah.

  2. Your kids freaking rock for going as obscure video game characters from decades ago. And an un-lady bug is great! I love it. Well done.

  3. I like to think of prosciutto as hipster bacon.

    (Why is my mouth watering just typing "prosciutto"?)

    Just wait till you try Pata Negra. (black Iberian cured ham) OMFG it is amazing. They feed these little pigs nothing but acorns. The flavor is amazing.

    Bacon needs it's own holiday.

  4. Haha, wow. I'm a 20-something that remembers playing Sonic the Hedgehog when growing up.

    Your kids costumes definitely brought back memories. Great job, seems like it was a fun Halloween!


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