Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Conversations with my kid: You're lucky you've got looks, kid.

Tucking the girls into bed tonight I had this exchange with my almost ten-year-old daughter.

T (reading off my shirt):  "Karaoke Contest Summer two thousand seven. "  Mom, when did you get this?
T: What? 
Me:  Seriously?
T:  What? When did you get it?
Me: SUMMER 2007!!!!


  1. You don't look old enough to have a 10 year old. Funny.

  2. While not quite into 'teen mom' territory, I did get started with the baby-making quite early in life. I'll take that as a compliment tho :-)

  3. That's classic! Lmao!
    And I could be wrong, but I don't remember baby-making in the head start programs? :)

  4. More than half of my Facebook status updates are things The Girl (3) says. One of the more recent statements was after she had a drink of apple juice. "Mmm. It's like an ocean in my mouth!" And a few weeks later, she ate something I'd made off her dinner plate and said, "It's like a twister in my mouth!" I'm not sure if that means it was good or bad.


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