Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My cat issue as a metaphor for family planning

Hey!  Guess what I learned today!  Cats have no natural aversion to incest.  Isn't that lovely?  Do you know what that means for me?  It means that my remaining kittens have spent the last day or so trying to bugger their mother.  Gross.  So I've sequestered poor Chloe to the bathroom until I can A) find homes for the boys and/or B) set her up an appointment to get fixed.

I've got ads in Craigslist, Kijiji and on Facebook to find the not-so-little ones homes, because frankly, four cats in this tiny house is too many.  Going to make a poster tonight as well.  I've kicked the boys outside for an hour or two so Mama Chloe can actually roam the house in peace until i decide to go to bed.

But isn't it typical that I have to lock the girl away so she doesn't get knocked up?  Of course, it is easier when the males out number her 3-1 (although Spartacus isn't a problem, having long parted ways with his wee baby-makers before he joined this household) but yeah... She suffers cause the boys 'just can't control themselves'.  Typical.  Of course, they ARE just cats.  Not people.


  1. boys will be men...

    it is ALL about spreadin the seed!

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  2. No taboo instinct at all. My cats, twin boys, have been buggering each other for years. At least I don't have to worry about kittens.

  3. Kitties out in the snow?? No good.

    Also, if they haven't been fixed, they could be buggering someone else's cat right now.

    Not your immediate problem, but bad for the pet population in general.

    Yeah, animals just really like to do it. I wish I were an animal. lol

  4. Damn beautiful blog!
    Interesting point of view! I'll be back!



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