Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Squeeeeee! and such.

Hehehe.. So, I paint, as you may know. Sometimes I'll start a project, find it a bit ambitious (as I am relatively new at this, having only picked up a brush for non-high-school-art-class purposes 3 or so years ago) and put it away to finish later. Sometimes these unfinished works get re-primed and recycled into new projects.

One such project was a portrait i started for a friend. I almost gave up on it, but tonight i decided to finish it, as she's coming to visit this weekend and I'm super excited after having not seen her for two years. A few years ago she sent me two beautiful charcoal portraits in a care package, and I think this painting is a nice way to reciprocate the gesture.

I'm quite excited by how it turned out. Naturally, I'm seeing the flaws, as I'm hyper-critical of myself, but I think she'll like it. I'll update with the final product after I've given it to her. No need to ruin the surprise.

These are the two portraits Sammi made for me, after another friend very helpfully decided to 'straighten' my picture frames.  Weirdo.

The third picture is a reproduction of the cover for Days of the New's first album, as done by a local artist as a wedding present for the ex-hubster and myself.  This woman is also wicked talented, specializes in celebrity portraits. Her house is literally covered in them.

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