Monday, August 16, 2010

Dancing on the grave of my 20's

I am blessed.

This past weekend I celebrated my 30th birthday, saying good riddance to a decade of turbulence. I feel like I have changed so much over this time with all I have been through.. marriage, motherhood, divorce, singlehood, education, employment,etc. I don't even recognize the scared little girl I was 10 years ago. I was reminded over this weekend of how full of love my life is right now. Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, I had my ladies with me this weekend. Feeling bad about disrupting my birthday plans, their stepmom graciously offered to watch them at my place while I went out to celebrate. I give her a lot of credit for this, since that must have been a more than a little weird for her. It was weird for me, but appreciated nonetheless.

No matter, I enjoyed having the girls there, as it was a great reminder that above all else, they are the two most important people in my world and I am so lucky that they are growing into such nice, smart, funny and loving young ladies. I woke up to a birthday breakfast of coffee and eggs and toast (quite well-done too, if you ask me. Yum!)

Afterwards my mom and I headed down to Barrie to pick up a washer-dryer that her co-worker was giving to me as they had gotten a new set. I've always liked car rides with my mom. When I was a teenager our monthly (or was it bi-weekly) trips to Orillia to get my braces adjusted was the time that we had our best 'talks', and it's something that continues to this day.

A couple of my good friends came down with a truck to help move these babies, and refused payment for their help, despite my protests.

After getting all dolled up I headed to K.s who had attempted to plan some kind of surprise for me, but it seems I continually thwarted these efforts with my insistence on doing my own birthday planning. I don't know.. I've just always worried it was egotistical to assume that other people would want to plan something for me, so I usually take these things into my own hands. I got there and we had entirely too many jello shots, and an incredibly rich and tasty 'dirt and worms' cake and I got to open some gifts. I enjoyed the gifts I got, they were pretty creative and thoughtful:

  • Bed sheets

  • The Tick complete series - Obviously a good pick, since I own it.. so I must like it lol

  • A 'This is your life' type photo book from my parents

  • Too Sexy to be 30 coffee mug

  • Hand-crocheted Hat and fingerless gloves

  • an 'old lady' bath kit.. you know, moisturizer for my wrinkles, toothpaste for my old-lady teeth etc etc
  • two bottles of wine with glass
  • LCBO gift card
  • (authors note: I suck and I knew I was going to forget stuff) kilted man egg-cup/shot glass and friendship coaster and a beautiful birthstone necklace

  • two cds from an artist my friend Nic, thought I would enjoy. So far he's right.

When we headed out to the bar I was overwhelmed with the number of people who showed up to wish me a happy birthday. I really didn't expect much more than the half-dozen or so people who had confirmed already, so to see such support was truly moving.

I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to the next 10 years if it as full of love and friendship and happiness as I felt this Saturday passed.

I do have one grievance though. The Dj at bleachers was incredibly disappointing. I have mentioned in previous blogs that I am not a fan of club music in general, but in an effort to have at least one birthday song dedicated to me, I made at least three attempts to request songs (not obscure ones either.. these are ones I have heard played at clubs numerous times in the past) only to be told they didn't have them because they were 'too obscure' (Sorry, Danger High Voltage was a #2 hit in the UK, thanks.) or that they didn't have any 'older stuff'. I call shenanigans on that one, since BLeachers hosts a 'Wayback Friday' so what.. are they going back six months? Jebus.

So, sorry Bleachers DJ guy, you suck. Expand your horizons a little, please.

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