Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dory the fish was one hell of a philosopher.

Emotional Wreckage has been downgraded from Edmund Fitzgerald to Rusty-Leaking Bass Boat at the bottom of some generic lake in the mountains. Closure is good. Walking away without a lot of hostility is good. Sad, yes I am (apparently I am also Yoda) but I shall live through the day. Just Keep Swimming.

The upside to distress is that it becomes an excellent excuse to throw myself into my creative endeavors. I'm working on trying to get a scanner given to me by my friend Lori to work so that I can create more switch plates and other fun things for my Etsy store (whore, whore, whore) without unecessarily destroying more books and magazines. As Lori pointed out too.. people might want more than one. Although one of a kind can be a drawing point, right now, once I've made something, that's it.

I have some paintings I want to finish, plus a few 'favor/commissioned' works to get started.

I just signed myself up to play in the Penetang Centennial Museum's Summer music series on August 29th. Almost as soon as I called and they told me they had a cancellation I started getting short of breath, thinking 'jeezy creezy, what am I thinking??' I had seen the flyer at Johnstones and took down the number. However I left it for so long (the series actually started a week or two ago) that by the time I had finally called today I seriously figured they'd have all spots filled up. Not so. Turns out they had a cancellation for the end of august they were looking to fill. Oddly enough, this was the time i was aiming for since I'd need time to fill up a two-hour time slot.

Two freaking hours on stage. Gah.

The woman I spoke to on the phone said if I wasn't comfortable with two hours, they could get a second performer to go after me, then I'd only have to do an hour. I think I'm going to try and prepare two hours worth of music, just in case they don't get anyone else.

A month and a half away, and I'm already nervous as all hell.


  1. You need to familiarize yourself with Eddie Izzard's 'Dress to Kill'

  2. Oh, let me know if you need a back up singer ;)

  3. :-) will do.. by the way, last open mike of the summer is next wednesday.. gonna make it out?


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