Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This is what happens when I actually pay attention to current events..

Extra sleepy after a big dinner, but felt the need to do a little blogging on some subjects I've seen popping up in other blogs as of late.


So there's a particular blogger over at BUST magazine who seems pretty excited about the possible FDA approval of Fliberasin, a female libido enhancing drug.

Me, I'm not so convinced it's a good thing. I don't mean enhancing libido is a bad thing.. I mean A) medicalizing a low sex drive and B) treatment through the use of behaviour modifying drug.

This particular blogger's use of the term Lady Viagra is misleading, because the two drugs work in very different ways. As most know, Viagra works by increasing blood flow to the genitals, for greater sexual stimulation and longer erections. What you may not know is this works for women as well, FYI. So I've heard.

Flibanserin was original designed as an anti-depressant.. so basically what we have here is a behaviour modifying drug that creates sexual desire.. in your brain.

Am I the only one a little disturbed by this? A little stepford wives anyone? Is the pharmaceutical industry (and mass-marketing) going to dictate what constitutes a "healthy" level of sexual desire? Where does this leave self-described 'asexuals'?

In my opinion, there's a very distinct different between using a medication to treat a physical issue in someone who desires sex but is physiologically incapable, and using a behaviour modifying drug to create desire in someone who may otherwise be disinterested. I'm not saying it shouldn't be available to the public, but I am saying we should be aware of the can of worms we are opening when it comes to medicalizing and compartmentalizing something as individual and diverse as one's libido. I mean, as if we don't have enough issues and hangups about sex as a society as it is.


Okay, this one threw me for a loop. A scientist in South Africa has invented a rape-defence weapon in the form of a female condom lined with a number of 'teeth' that will embed themselves into an attackers penis.

The hell...?

First off, let me say this thing is a masterpiece of design and engineering. Please keep in mind that I have no background whatsoever in design OR engineering. Basically, the teeth latch onto the penis, without breaking the skin so there's no fear of fluid exchange, and the more struggle to remove it, the tighter it gets. AND it's only removable by a doctor. Crazy right? Like a chinese penis trap. Serious.

Here are my issues on this though:

1) Once again, rape prevention is the responsibility of women.. how about men just.. oh.. not rape people? Let's educate. And guys.. yeah, you good guys who don't rape women, I know there's lots of you out there.. spread the word, spread the love.. speak up. No means no may have more credibility coming from you other men, since it's fairly obvious that in a rapist's eyes, women are of no consequence and not worth listening to anyway.

2) The rape axe is suggested for situations like when you're on a blind date, or wandering dark alleys, or attending World Cup soccer games.. (okay I'm exaggerating) but basically it still plays on the assumption of the 'stranger-in-a-dark-alley' scenario, when as numerous studies have shown, most cases of rape are committed by people the victim trusted. No, I'm not citing sources, this is my personal blog, not an academic paper.

3) I can see something like this turning a lot of rapes into rape+attempted murder/murder. Like, really, unless this thing is painful enough to totally incapacitate a rapist, I'm sure these folks who are already hopped up on adrenaline and rage and power and whatever sick shit they get off on, are going to be pretty pissed off to find themselves all caught up, and probably wouldn't think twice of beating their victim within an inch of their life in retaliation, or worse.

Anyway, I'm interested to hear what others have to say.

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