Saturday, December 30, 2006

It begins.

And Here we go again. NYE is fast approaching, as is the anniversary of the worst two weeks of my fucking life.

Gonna be staying home this year. New years hasn't been the same for me since then. I usually end up feeling depressed and lonely. At least I know by staying I home, I'll know what to expect. Gonna watch some movies with my girls to remind myself that at least two good things came out of it all. If anyone is interested in joining us, feel free. I could use the company. I'm just not up for travelling this year.

Bear with me folks if I seem a little more jaded and bitter than usual. I might need a little extra support over the next few weeks. Maybe it wouldn't seem so bad if wasn't feeling like shit physically as well.

I know this is eventually gonna pass, the wedding anniversary went by with nary a blink of an eye this year, so that's gotta be something positive.

Meh. I fucking hate January with a passion. At least I have the Hip concert to look forward to. January 25th Baby!

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