Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Dismantle Me

Had a fairly decent day today. Last day of classes for the summer, so I am off for about 3 weeks. Had a really nice talk with Joe on the way down to Barrie from Orillia. Fuck I'm gonna miss that guy when he leaves for the military. Definitely one of the most interesting people I have met at school. It's gonna be difficult, that's for sure. But life goes on.

Got myself up the nerve to ask out the Devils fan from the store (see blog from last weekend -- the one where I lose my kids). Went to his place of work just before dinner time -- before the rush -- ordered me a fish and chip combo, and asked who was working in the kitchen, and the waitress told me DF was working so she went and got him.

DF: Hey trouble, how're you doing?
Me: Well I was driving around Barrie, with a hankering for some fish and chips, and I recalled somebody telling me about this little seafood place, so here I am
DF: so what brings you here?
Me: Wanted to ask you something, are you dating anyone
DF: me? nooooo. *shakes head
Me: Would you like to go out sometime?

At which point he told me no, he was staying single, swore off after a particular messy breakup. I told him that was unfortunate but I understand the sentiment. He said he was concentrating on his kid and his job. Fair enough. Sounded reasonable, I didn't get the feeling I was being fed a line or anything.

So, disappointing as that was, I shall live to see another day.

Hung out with Sammi and Krystle tonight, which was cool, a little 'girls' night. Plan was to head to Karaoke at The Simcoe, but when we got there they told me I couldn't come in with my Timmies, so Sammi and I waited outside for Krystle, until a drunk woman (seriously, and it was only 9) came out and accosted us for being on the step of the place, because that was for the 'smokers'. So I said, "fine, I'll have a smoke then." Then we walked around to my car to wait there, because the drunk woman was freakin' me out, but not nearly as much as it did when she came around the corner and started squatting at the side of the building

Sammi: Is that woman peeing on the street?
Me: If she is, she forgot a very important step, cuz she's still got her pants on.
Sammi: Oh god look at the ground. And her ass is wet.
Me: I don't wanna go here anymore.

So we didn't. We hit Starbucks and offended some people with our loud boisterous discussion about hard core porn fetishes. You know, girlie stuff :-P Anyway it was pretty good time. When I got home, I took the bandaid off my stitches, and they started bleeding like a motherfucker, so I drove myself over to the ER to have them inform me that no, I didn't pop any of the stitches, no they aren't infected and no, they probably won't be ready to come out on thursday. Volleyball and swimming amongst other things probably weren't the best idea though. Now it's crazy late, but this was a bloggable sort of day, so I wanted to get it down while it was fresh. Now I go sleepy bye.

P.S. The mosquitos ate me alive Sunday night. It hurts.

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