Monday, March 13, 2006

No need for a title

Went for yet another blood test today and got some good news, I no longer need the Inohep injections, and I *think* that means that I have weekly blood tests instead of daily ones. It will be nice not to look like some kind of mad junkie anymore, what with the tracked up arms from all the blood tests and the massive bruising on the belly from the anticoagulant injections.

Finally got out to Shanana's on Saturday for Nicky and Cromsie's Birthday. It's about time, I have been such a hermit this semester that I am sure it has been at least three months since I have been there. 

Licking whipped cream off hot bouncer = good times, good times.

Took the chitlins to the Fun Stop today. We got fake tattoos with the tickets we won. Dora the Explorer for the girls, and Spongebob for mom. That's right I am freaking HARDCORE! Somehow I have the sneaking suspicion that this won't be the last time the girls and I get tattoos together... I had a weird vision into the future of us when they are like 16 and 18, doing the same thing. Nah, they won't ask me, they'll just get their dad to do it.

Plans for Fitzy's on wed with Dan and Sam and possibly Sammi and Anthony, who else is in??

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