Friday, September 2, 2011

Be Right Back, Y'all

Just having a slice of day-old pizza while I take a break from packing the car in preparation for the four-day  road trip to Quebec City the kiddies and I are embarking on in oh.. say.. half an hour.

Hopefully there will be many tales and pictures to share upon our return.  Most will probably be taken by my oldest since driving and photographing is harrowing at best.  I may share some pics along the way so if you're not already, I can be followed on Twitter.

Also formulating a response to this fantastic post from Chally at Feministe about singlehood and what is the deal with people who act like you're some kind of freak if you're single and happy about it.

The Deficient Single Woman

It's a pretty interesting read, as are the comments.  It's given me a lot to think about, so while I'm gone I'll be collecting and indexing my thoughts on the subject and sharin' em with ya.

Anyway, the road be calling so enjoy your long weekend and drive safe.


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  1. I was packing us up and just saw this now. Glad you made it back safe. Hope it was fun.


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