Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Burn a Koran day = Bad idea.

Over at Laughing In Purgatory, Andy's been discussing the Burn the Koran Day.

Basically, the Dove World Church is planning to burn Korans to commemorate the ninth anniversary of September 11th, just to make a point. I'm not going to start on my confusion with choosing such an arbitrary number to commemorate.

My first reaction? Go ahead. Books are inanimate objects. They are not sacred. The Koran? Not Sacred. The Bible? Not Sacred. Hugh MacLennan's "The Watch That Ends the Night..?


Okay, fine. Not sacred. Pretty fantastic read, but not sacred.

From what I understand, the church isn't seeking to wipe out the ideas found in the Koran. It's not burn ALL Korans, just burn A Koran. Just to make a point. Basically, it's baiting.

Good job guys. As Andy in Purgatory pointed out, this will likely succeed in pushing more moderate Muslims to extremism. The act of a few whackjobs will probably result in greater widespread hatred of an entire group of people who were otherwise minding their own business.

Sound familiar?

I'd laugh at the irony, if it wasn't so friggin' terrifying.

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