Friday, August 6, 2010

"Nerves" or "What the Hell Am I getting Myself Into??"

Twenty three days until the Centennial Museum show and there is so much to do.. I feel so unprepared. August is an absolute bitch for trying to get a little bit of free time, and between social engagements, work, 6 billion birthdays and trying to find homes for my kittens (three down, two to go!) I've barely had time to pick up my guitar let alone work out an actual hour (possibly two hour) long set-list.

So many things to consider in picking songs
  • Is this going to keep their attention?
  • Can I hit these notes - both low and high?
  • Is it too morose? (I run into this one alot.. it turns out that a lot of music I like, even the upbeat stuff, has death as a recurrent theme)
  • Is it going to sound boring as hell when it's just me and a guitar?
  • Oh God, can I engage the audience without sounding like an asshat or saying something completely inappropriate? Like "asshat"?
  • Should I try and do it by heart or bring a song book? (I've decided to create a small songbook.. all the better to prevent that 'OMG i've just forgotten every lyric and chord progression I've ever known" moment of terror... will also help me remember what I actually planned on playing)
  • Will it be okay if there's the occasional expletive? Obviously any F-bombs are out.. but what about the lesser colorful colloquialisms? If that's a no, then at least one of the songs I picked are out. It's a open admission family show, so I'm leaning towards keeping it PG as possible.
Within the next week or two I also have to confirm the time I need to be there.. oh and finding out exactly WHERE the museum is would be good too. I'm pretty sure it's out by the Kings Wharf Theatre, so that's a start.

I've brought the guitar with me to work today so I can get some practice in during my break and later today while the girls are doing FitKidz at the Y. I don't know if that's really how it's spelled, but it sounds like the kind of thing that would have a Z at the end.

P.S. I cannot begin to describe my annoyance at Americans on the phone who correct me when I say 'Zed'. You can say Zee all you want. Let me have this. It's so much easier than clarifying.. "is that Zee as in Zebra or Cee as in Cat?" with Zed, you know EXACTLY what you're getting.

And because I know you're going to say something Chris, I also like superfluous U's. I think there should be more U's in words.


  1. Hahahah nope, the musuem is on brock,where the stop sign is on fox by my house, hang a left and its down by the water. Im sure you will do great!


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