Monday, July 19, 2010

Nothing to write home about..

Holy hannah. Busy. What's been new?

Had planned to write a blog concerning my opinions regarding provincial coverage of up to three rounds of IVF, since I have decidedly mixed emotions on the subject. However, as sometimes happens, after doing a little research I came to the conclusion that there's quite an abundance of information to take into consideration and decided that my opinions aren't exactly what you may call, informed. Maybe down the road, but at this point in time, I'd simply be blowing smoke out the hindquarters.

The emotional issues of the past week or two are being worked, but I'm in a good place with how things have turned out. Occasionally we are presented with challenges that are beyond any one person's control. At any rate, the situation remains amicable and this pleases me.

On the creative end of things, I have a little over a month before the Centennial Museum show on the 29th and I working together a setlist, although I've come to the conclusion that it may be in my best interests to learn and include some more audience-familiar tunes to my repertoire. Finding the time to practice has been interesting to say the least.

I got the scanner from Lori working (finally! this, my friends, was a triumph and a half) and the most recent ex-boy with whom things are going so amicably gave me a bunch of old CD covers whose artwork I've scanned in and have some fun ideas in the works. I spoke to a local store that showcases stuff from local artisans and whatnot on a 70/30 commission. However I'm not sure how I feel about that. *shrug* When I get some more stuff made I might samples in. They may not want it anyway.

Have my first official kick-boxing class tonight, having joined after a freebie session last week. One hell of a workout I tell you. I've been struggling to lose the last 20 lbs for months now and I'm hoping some higher-energy activity might help that. Mind you, I'm not completely unaware that I've been displaying a distinct lack of discipline. Okay, I've been staying disciplined enough that I haven't gained anything back. So that's something. But I had set the goal to hit 150 by my birthday and sadly, there's no healthy way I'm going to lose 22-24 lbs in the next four weeks. So I've kind of re-framed my goal for February of 2011.

You see, I've decided that being as awesome as I am that I deserve nothing less than to gather a few girlfriends and go somewhere hot and drink for a week. So this February I plan on either having some money saved or taking a hit to my credit card and hitting the Dominican in the name of all that is fabulous. I've heard many good things about Punta Cana. I have a good friend that is currently living there doing graduate work and I look forward to visiting her and her little family.

In the meantime I'm getting ready this week to take my little ones camping at one of our many beautiful provincial parks. There will be much to pack. We've been a few years now, and it's generally a lot of fun.

Til next time...


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