Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thoughts on the Mass-Euthanization at the Newmarket OSPCA

So as many know, an outbreak of ringworm broke out at the Newmarket OSPCA. The OSPCA's response to this outbreak has been to euthanize over 350 animals that have been affected by the outbreak.

Pretty sick, I know, especially, for since for all intents and purposes, ringworm is fully treatable. The question has been raised regarding how such an outbreak managed to occur, and from what I understand, at least one higher-up responsible OSPCA has been fired over this issue.

The public outcry has been such that the OSPCA was forced to cancel a charity walk they had planned. Protesters now plan to hold a 'funeral march' for the doomed kitties and puppies and bunnies (but not the turtles.. apparently they're a-okay). Many people has expressed disgust with the OSPCA (which, I can't really blame them) and have declared that they will no longer donate to the charity.

This is where I feel everyone is getting a little counterproductive. I will not even begin to deny that this is absolutely tragic, but gawd, the hipocracy of some people really creases me. The place has 350 animals to either treat or euthanize. Yes, ringworm is treatable... at what cost, financially? Where is their funding coming from? If a lot of their funding comes from charitable donations then how is pulling your donations HELPING any of these animals? I'd bet my first born* that if the cost was within reach to treat every animal, that it would have been done.

I'm pretty sure the people who work at this shelter are NOT happy about the decision either.. and I'd be willing to bet that it was a heart-breaking one to make. Remember, people generally get into this field because THEY LOVE ANIMALS. But no, people out there are making it sound like Hitler gassing the Jews.

Hey, here's an idea... if every person who is up in arms about this so-called mass murder of cute little puppies and kitties, instead of standing outside the OSPCA all dressed in black with empty travel-boxes and leashes, actually walked in and said "hey, I'd like to adopt one of these unfortunate animals" then took them home and treated them, since ringworm is so very treatable, then BOOM, no little animals need to die. Problem solved.

I don't know, maybe I'm being overly simplistic, and this is something that has been tried, but at any rate is, if the OSPCA, an organization that for years has been dedicated to SAVING animals, is in a position that they feel the need to kill 350 of them, maybe they need our support more than ever, rather than our venom.

*this blog is by no means a legal bet for my eldest child.

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