Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Strange Dreams a plenty

Had some odd dreams last night. Started off as a sort of Movie preview, only all the upcoming attractions were rehashes of old tv shows and sequels to movies that stopped being cool decades ago. A reworking of little house on the prairie, and a very unecessary threequel to Bill and Ted's excellent adventure, with an aging Keanu Reeves in a bad wig and a rather haggard looking Alex Winter. I mean, is that guy even still alive?

To make it odder, the 'sneak peek' was being acted out in my kitchen, which actually looked a lot like the Carstairs' kitchen or at least what i can remember of it.

Next I am tobogganing with Cory Emerson, in what seems like a large cave. There's a big frozen lake in the middle and I am unsure of the condition of the ice so I'm hesitant to slide across. We somehow make our way to the bottom of the hill, and tread carefully along the edge of the ice. Down the way, some drunk frat boys are sliding down the hill and across the ice. To my horror, there are holes opening in the ice and below the thick sheet, the water appears to be boiling.

Turning around to climb back up the hill, I'm faced with what is no longer a hill, but a sheer ice face. I make my way towards where the frat boys were playing, but this too has become a 90 degree climb. With a resigned sigh, I reach up, and I'm surprised to find I suddenly have the agility of Spiderman, and am able to scale the cliff without issue.

Cory follows me up and we go out the door into what appears to be a 'fitness' area in a large administrative/hospital type building.
The building is quite crowded and it resembles a cross between one of the older buildings at Georgian, and the Ontario science center. There's a pool with old ladies in an aquafit class to the left and people are milling around.

Cory tells me she's leaving and I say good bye, then realize that I don't know how to get out of the building. I run up a flight of stairs and find myself in some kind of maternity ward, with women in old fashioned nurses uniforms pushing baby carriages.

Turning tail, I go back the way I came, and with an odd sense of urgency push my way through the crowded halls until I find myself outside and in the thick of some kind of outdoor festival, with a midway and a concert stage. Again, there is people, people, people, everywhere. The dim light and faint mist leads me to believe that it's sometime in the the very early morning. I scan the parking lot and begin to panic because I can't remember where I parked my car. Wandering down a steep, dirt road, I find my car at the bottom, parked next to a ditch. With relief I run toward it. I have to climb into the ditch to reach the passenger door. In the mud next to the front wheel, is one of my poetry books from highschool. That's when I woke up.

There's seems to be a lot of themes of being stuck, or lost, and kind of an agoraphobic type mood. Hrm.

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