Saturday, February 27, 2010

I aimed for 'sweet' dreams, alls I got was weird.

Okay.. so bear with me, this gets a little strange. Surprise surprise.

There's a beach, with a dock. The dock is painted with colorful scenes in bright primary and secondary hues.

On the other side of me, is an open field, with a few trees on the perimeter. It's a bright, cloudless day, and there are little african children in colorful daishiki's (I don't know how to spell it. *shrug*) running in and out of the trees. The impression I get is the Savannah, or my imagination's interpretation of it, anyway.

Looking to the horizon, I see dozens of birds soaring through the air. A closer look shows they are not actually birds, but cows that look as though they are being catapulted through the air. I whip out my phone and start trying to take pictures of the flying cows that are thankfully off in the distance, because at some point it occurs to me that it may be dangerous to be in an area that is being over-run with cows that are plummeting to the Earth.

Yeah, analyze that, Freud.

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