Friday, September 4, 2009

Strange Magic

I feel as though I must be putting some odd energy into the atmosphere as of late. My dreams have been exceptionally vivid and vaguely disturbing, which leads me to believe that subconciously I'm into my 'waiting for the other shoe to drop' state of mind.

Things are well, over all. I've been enjoying the easy comfort of actually dating someone who is neither a douchebag nor a complete headcase. It's drama-free and relaxing. I love my new home, my fortress, my yard and my street and all those lovely things. I still sit back so often and marvel at my girls and how they're growing up so fast, and how lucky I am that they are healthy and well-adjusted and just plain nice little girls.

But I digress.

My dreams and the day-to-day seem to co-mingle in a way that stems beyond mere coincedence. Lately life is made of any number of odd coincedences.

I check my cell phone for messages (since I rarely hear the alerts go off) only to have it ring in my hand.

I dream of a friend I haven't seen in months nor spoken to in weeks, only to have her call the next day.

A former lover, again not in seen in months, comes up in conversation. The very next day I pass him in my car as he is walking down the street.

I'm feeling incredibly creative and motivated for reaching goals lately. Some of this may stem from being in a place I can call my very own (even if it does still belong to my parents). Some of the energy may stem from being in the company of someone who likes making me feel like an extra-special person (and I thank him for that).

Whereever it's coming from, I'm getting much accomplished, in spite of, or perhaps in conjunction with all the craziness of summer, the same craziness that seems to be stretching into the fall.

Next weekend, I have absolutely nothing planned.  NOTHING.  The sheer excitement of having no previous obligations is too thrilling to even describe fully.  

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