Tuesday, January 24, 2006

5 most memorable bar nights...

These are in no particular order, just the five most memorable bar nights I recall

1) 55 Special and Fitzy's with Sam, Richard and the folks from stats. Nothing like getting kicked out of bars, fending off gropers and kissing random guys to celebrate your last exam.

2) Bar in Kitchener whose name escapes me... The night of the Nickelback concert with Mitch when she threw her drink on the little shitbag in the minidress

3) Shanana's with Jenny. The night of a dozen past mistakes. Ever been in a bar and it seems like every guy you have been involved with shows up.. within a half hour of each other?

4) Shanana's with Cromsie and Michelle and various others... The night of the Pink Fuzzy Thong. God you meet all kinds in Midland.

5) Shanana's with Cromsie (again). The night of the Noco guy. This night was just cool cause I got hit on by some really hot young guy. Sweet.

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