Thursday, May 10, 2012

Conversations with my kids: a history lesson

We're in the parking lot of the arena. The road is being blocked off and there are a bunch of Sea Cadets standing around.

Me: They must be having a parade. Maybe it's for V-E Day.
T: What's V-E Day?
Me: Well, World War Two ended on two different days. V-E means "Victory in Europe", when the war ended in Europe, sometime in May.
T: Probably May 9th, if they're having a parade today.
Me: yeah, probably. The war in Japan, on the other hand, ended on August 14th - my birthday - so that is referred to as V-J Day.

*giggles from back seat*
Me: what?
T: ...nothing. It just sounds... funny.. Veee Jaaay.
Me: what?
R (from backseat): IT SOUNDS LIKE VAJAYJAY!!!

*peals of laughter from both sides*

Me: Oh my God, you guys.


  1. Ha ha ha! Leave it to kids to turn a memorial into a vagina joke. Very funny.

  2. Bahahahaha! I love it. That is too funny.

  3. Love how things can take a sharp left with kids. Last week I was in the passenger seat of my sister's car. She was shutting the back door, and ended up saying "Shit" for a reason I do not remember. Then she said "Pardon my French." The part I do remember is that by the time she walked around to the driver's seat I had had far too long a conversation with my 8 year old nephew when he asked "What is the s-word in French?" I told him I only knew it in Spanish. Oops?


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