Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Must I always be 'The Other Woman'?

Avid readers may remember that one year less two days to this very date I had what I originally believed to be a brush with identity theft.  Thankfully the misunderstanding was a result of someone with the same name having a very similar email address to mine.

It seems that some people didn't take a minute to update their contacts list, as today I received the following email from the very same real estate agent who had emailed me almost a year ago today:
How is everything going?  Have you found another rental yet?  If you didn't let me know right away please.
[name redacted]
Excellent customer service, if I was indeed a customer.  I figured it deserved some sort of response.
Hi Maria,

We've spoken previously, almost a year to the day, in fact.  I am not the Andrea whom you seek. You're looking for another Andrea who I will assume has an email address very similar to my own.  I've never lived, owned or rented in the Toronto area, although seeing this kind of customer service, if I was considering a move to the GTA, I might consider using you as a rep.  However, a deep, abiding love for small town life, and a rather inflexible custodial agreement renders the possibility of my relocation as a highly unlikely scenario.  

Have a lovely afternoon.

Best Regards,

The Other Andrea.
 Maybe I've made a new friend.


  1. That's...a much nicer response than I give to people who call me looking for someone else. They used to want "Courtney" but that finally went away after 6 months of diligent "remove the number, it's not hers anymore" conversations. Now, someone's calling for "Michael." Here we go again.

  2. That is the nicest no thank you ever typed in the history of email.

  3. It's the Customer Service Rep in me...

  4. My name is kinda sorta unique (first and last) so I have never had abrush. I have always wondered how many John Smith, Jane Jones, etc, are getting swiped by identity bandits.

  5. I hope she responds... with ANYTHING. I'm just CURIOUS now!

  6. I ALWAYS get stuff for another stephanie with a nearly-identical email address.

    I always let people know. Sometimes they reply and say thanks, other times, silence.

    I know a lot about the girl though...

    And very nicely written email to the agent!

  7. Love these postings - real - female goddess!


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