Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a little bit o' twisted nostalgia

When I first started my job, I had the pleasure of working with my sister.  At that time I was doing a lot of internet research and data entry, so I'd pop my headphones on and well.. my mind had some time to wander.

Nicky was the lucky person that got to be subjected to whatever happened to cross my mind.  I just found these emails yesterday.

Remember way back when on the Y & R and either Cricket and Danny, or Cricket and Paul had their honeymoon (or some random ‘romantic getaway’) in Newark?  Did they ever clarify which Newark it was?  Because apparently there is a Newark Delaware, and a Newark, New Jersey.   Which begs the question… How effin' lame do you have to be to honeymoon in Delaware or New Jersey?  I mean if your heart is absolutely set on Jersey, at least go to Atlantic city, so you can gamble and junk.

Just my .02
I totally stand by that sentiment.

The Business development manager for M2M Imaging is HAWT.  http://www.m2mimaging.com/aboutus/profiles.html - Cameron Barnard.
P,S.  The depths of my idiocy knows no limit.  I've been driving around without a health card or drivers licence for the last week.  Why, you ask?  Because they have been in a safe at Staples, where some good Staples employee placed them after I LEFT THEM IN THE PHOTOCOPIER.  Gah, me=moron.
I checked that link.  Sadly it appears that hottie Cameron Barnard no longer works for M2M imaging.  Sad.
I wanna make dirty monkey love to my own hair today… it looks THAT good.
Well, it DID.
I think I’m in love with Mike Ness. I also think I’m becoming a country fan.  Of the old school, not the new.  Should I be disturbed?
 A lot of thoughts came to me via the hours I spent on my iPod:
I’ve tried and tried, for years to like Rage Against the Machine.  But I just don’t.
Nicky got to be privy to some of my geological discoveries as well:

Arkansas… Copycat? 

Let’s see, first there is the spelling.  If you pronounce it how it looks, it could say “Our (pronounced ‘are’) Kansas”  It’s like they wanted to be Kansas, but it was already taken, so they decided that parcel of land would be “Our Kansas”

Now I come across a site for the Ouachita Baptist college.  Doesn’t that look like it could be pronounced like a bastardization of Wichita?  And where is Wichita? 


That’s right.


Buncha plagiarists, I say.
 Not to mention my observations about the lovely building where we work:
I found myself in the washroom on this end of the building, and avoiding the larger stall in much the same way I avoid parking in handicapped spots.  And it occurred to me:  How odd is it to have a wheelchair stall on the upper floor of a building that is clearly not wheelchair accessible?  And I said ‘AHA! I must email Nicky…”  But once I came out of the washroom, I looked at the so-called ‘wheelchair stall’ and realizing that the door on the stall was not nearly large enough for a wheelchair to pass through.  This is not a wheelchair stall, just a case of lousy designing resulting in two average size stalls and one freakishly large one.  Curses, foiled again.

 Nicky doesn't work there anymore, so I don't have her to send my random musings too.  Thank God for Twitter.


  1. haha, these are great. My favorite is the last one. It's so funny to go back to things like this, and think, "I really said that....?"

  2. Step away from the country music. Step away from the country music.

  3. Always go for the big stall. :-)

    We have the same situation here. I happen to know the three floors of our business and no one's in a wheelchair. The big toity is mine! mwa ha ha ha haaaaaa!


  4. So America sucks and you don't like RATM? If I was 6 I'd take my balls and go home...

    I honestly thought for a good 9 seconds and still couldn't come up with a reason to honeymoon in Newark. And is it wrong that all I thought about during the Arkansas vs Kansas debate was how much I want the "Don't mess with Kansas either" t-shirt I saw while watching "Elizabethtown"?

  5. Where did I say America Sucks? I just said Delaware and New Jersey suck and Arkansas are plagiarists. :-)

    But no, despite my best efforts, I don't like RATM. I'm at peace with this now.

  6. I'm not sure if you got the memo, but we're kind of an all or nothing country. 3 out of 50 is a blatant assault on American values according to some, lmao.
    And for the record, you're better off without rage. "Down Rodeo" makes me wanna set something on fire. For a healthy musical experience try Muse.

  7. Yeah.. we tend to be more along the lines of 'make fun of a province = the rest of the country goes "I know, right??"

  8. Newark: The gateway to romance. Second only to a public toilet on the Jersey Turnpike.

  9. My Mom has been watching it since it's inception, and as a result I've been watching on and off for years as well.


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