Monday, December 13, 2010

Today's Dream

I'm sitting for a friend's son who is a bit older than my eldest child.  He's a little wound up today.  I ask him to pick up some toys that are scattered around.  With a yell he jumps into the pile but knocks a large wooden bookcase over and it lands on him.  After a moment's panic, I reach down and with seemingly superhuman strength, I lift the bookcase off him.  Despite the size and weight of the bookcase, and the fact it was covered with any number of breakable glass Christmas ornaments, he's miraculously unscathed but understandably frightened.  I give him a hug and he's calmed right down.

I may be reading too much Comics Curmudgeon?

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  1. Ewwww would you break that news to the boys mother?...ya, so your kid appears to be trapped under a bookcase filled with Christmas ornaments. I'm pretty sure we can get him back to your in the new year.


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