Sunday, December 12, 2010

My child begins her career in municipal politics

Today was a shitty day.

After spending 8+ hours christmas shopping and then attending a small wedding celebration and then dancing, 'cause you know, I'm a masochist and all, I was looking forward to some Sunday down-time.

I woke up to it snowing like a bitch.  I have yet to procure any snow tires for my car, so the ride was harrowing at best.  Plus I just had a conversation I was not prepared for and am now in a position where I can choose between putting myself in a hugely uncomfortable situation and disappointing a small child who had nothing to do with said situation.  Hooray.  But that's all I'll say on that.  Stopping at the grocery store on the way home, I got stuck TWICE trying to get up the hill from the Foodland to my house.  Not even on the steep part.  I can get around the steep part, but how do I get home if I can't get my car up a bloody slight incline?  So I curse, and I weep and I struggle to get my car turned around without blowing out the engine.

I end up driving all over hells half-acre so I can get home without facing any incline greater than, oh, say, 35 degrees.  Oh and when I got home, as I was doing laundry, the sink backed up all over the kitchen counter.  And the eldest child got into the trunk of the car and saw one of her christmas presents. Banner effin' day.

This, however, cheered me up.   My oldest took it upon herself to write a letter to the town in regards to their road maintenance.  It's a very well-thought out letter for a nine-year-old, all bias aside.

Dear Tay Township

I theink that you should plow all the road's [sic] in victaoria harbour. first of all, some people don't have snow tires so they wouldn't dbe able to go to there homes. secound, what if theres a fire or sombodys hurt and the parimedical fire truck dont have snows tirers thirdly my mom who dosn't have any snow tires couldn't get out of foodland. So thats why you should plow allthe roads in Victoria Harboure. Sincerly,

Age 9
I love that kid.


  1. that letter is PRECIOUS! as for the rest of your day... well... at least it's almost over, right?! :(

  2. Aw, what a sweet girl. Hopefully that made up for the rest of your not-so-great day.


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