Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WWWednesday - Avert your eyes boys, we're talking lady stuff.

Let that be a warning to you.. veiled references to icky lady stuff ahead.

So, down 1.5 lbs this week, so yay for that.  I feel like that's fair for the amount of effort I put in this week.  I managed to track up until Saturday morning before I kind of fell apart and stopped writing.  No, wait, friday night.  The post-bar snacky-time got to me.  The liquid points 'tweren't too bad.. one beer at the Legion, then later one beer at Bleachers.  In all though, I think I only went a little over this weekend.  So yay me.

I think part of my issue last week may have been horomonal... It sucks, near the end of my cycle (and I'm sure others can relate to this) I put on about 2-3 lbs regardless of my weight-loss efforts, which tend to be hampered by that general sense of lethargy/frustration/outandoutbitchyIDON'TWANNAness that comes with PMS.

And I get ravenously hungry.  All. The. Frickin' Time.  I'm not talking emotional/bored hungry.  Like, I mean I've just had breakfast, and while driving to work my stomach starts growling.. so I drink a bunch of water and have a banana or something mid-morning.  Then by Noon I'm STARVING all the while going "What the effin' eff?? I've eaten twice already!!"

By three o clock I'm irritable as all hell.. have a sensible snack, like some fruit, or a yogurt, all the while craving something battered, fried, greasy, with lots of cheese and.. oh hell.. chocolate and a giant Mocha-frappo-dappo-choco-cino to wash it down with.. and beer too.

Did I mention I work right above a Tim Hortons?  And that their Cherry Cheese Danishes are freaking amazing?  Yeah.  I'm almost glad they're not letting vets sell poppies, because it gives me one additional reason not to go down there and further sabotage myself.

But long story short, all this premenstrual BS (the guys who have been brave enough to read this far are cringing now... MENSESMENSESMENSES!!! PEEEERIODDDDD!!!  Here guys, here's a video to distract you.  You may just learn something..) leads up to a whole lot of frustration.  Two Steps forward, one step back, and so forth.

So here's a couple of small steps I made this week:
  • Bought whole wheat bread.
  • Did some pushups and curls at home, completely of my own volition
  • Added cucumbers and substituted wheat bread to my regular 6" Roast beef sub
Oh, here's something disturbing I found today while trying to calculate my points for said sub:  My Roast Beef Sub with lite Mayo and cheddar cheese works out to about 8 points on the weight watchers plan (by the way, here's a good link for people who are trying to follow the plan but may not have all the tools - it's got the points calculator, and a chart for tabulating what your point allowance should be based on your weight and height.  Mind you, it doesn't take into account your job, or gender or age.) Curious, I checked out my other favorite Subway sub, the Pizza sub.  11 freakin' points! Not even including the extra cheese i usually get, and the fancy bread (Italian herb and cheese).

That Roast Beef sammich is sounding a whole lot better.


  1. I made one major revealation with all this restricted diet shit I've had to do - not eating sugar, in any form, greatly reduces your hunger. It's hard as hell, and sugar is in every-effing-thing, but once I went on the butterfinger binge? Huge spike in appetite in general. For reals.

    Also mensesmensesmensesmensesmenses suck. I hate it. I bloat like a whale. It's horrendous. No weighing in should be done then. It just doesn't count. Damn uterus, et al.

    YAY to whole wheat!
    YAY to exercise on your own!
    YAY for veggies and wheat!

    This may no longer be true, but as of 2008, Tim Horton's danishes used beef lard in the recipe. Hopefully that grosses you out enough to keep them off limits. Grossed my vegetarian a$$ out completely.

    They also used to use bird feathers in their bagels. I am totally serious, I called their head office and spoke with one of their nutrtionists.

    I digress.

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Sadly, it's really hard to gross me out where food is concerned. I've been told the ingredients in HOT DOGS.

    I still love hot dogs.

    The bird feathers thing sounds pretty sketchy though. I've been trying to avoid the place lately mostly based on budget restraints. I once did the math and figured I was spending the equivalent of my cable bill on coffee alone. Pretty silly when you figure we have FREE coffee in the office.


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