Tuesday, November 9, 2010

And Now, the airing of grievances.

Random things are pissing me off today.

The Baby-Daddy.  No specific reason, just his existence in general bugs me sometimes.  I know that for all intents and purposes we get along well, and I don't have to put up with near the amount of crap other co-parents have to put up with regarding their exes, but ever so often, I'd just like to kick him.  Really Hard.

Twitter.  It wants me to follow my most recent ex's most recent ex (like, before me).  I don't know her, I doubt we have much in common (aside from most recent ex) and I don't particularly want to get to know her, because from what I've heard, she's kind of a waste of space.  The only reason I know who she is because I've seen pictures on Facebook.

Which brings me to...

Facebook.  It keeps wanting to show me pictures of most-recent-ex and his ex-girlfriend.  An irritating reminder that the only Pic I have of US together we both look deformed.

Ambiguity.  Read into that what you will.  But it bugs me.

My Stomach.  It's growling.  Incessantly.  I eat.  I make healthy choices, and it betrays me.  I'd fuckin' kill for something greasy or sugary right now.  Seriously, this is the type of shit I'm craving right now.

Yogurt.  Even Caramel flavored, it's still yogurt.  And NOT what I want right now.

Unadulterated Bullshit (Work Related) I hate when people tell me they sent an inquiry "A week ago" or "A couple" days ago, then I look it up and find out it had been sent at like, 10pm the night before.

Office Christmas Parties.  Because once again this year, I will have to scrounge for a date.  Yes.  I am sick to death of bringing man-friends, gay-boyfriends and other women as dates to these things.  But I'm too self-conscious to go by myself.  It's not the Prom, after all.  It makes me nostalgic for my convenience store days when I had two co-workers and there was no point to a Christmas party.



  1. I'm not sure if Corey will be coming to the same Christmas party as you this year (not sure if OG will be participating?) but if so, we will go as an ambiguous threesome.(sorry, that's not helpful. But I giggled. And again, I'm sorry.)

    Corey and I hate going to those things, too. We nearly talk each other out of it all the time.

    in terms of the stomach and food... I have a book i could loan you. It helped me lose the last 15 pounds, in about 6 weeks, without starving myself or counting ANYTHING. I can bring it with me sometime to work, if you can pick it up on a lunch break.

  2. Oh yeah, and baby-daddys. I hear ya.

  3. Yeah I heard rumors that we're doing separate xmas parties this year.. I was SAD!! Last year was so fun, despite my somewhat wet blanket date. I guess both companies are just getting too big for one party :-(

    And it's okay, I giggled too.

    I'm usually downtown on my breaks, so if you wanna PM me where you're working now (think I know.. not sure) we can arrange something. Thanks!


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