Sunday, November 7, 2010

Getting it all out of my system part 1

Sometimes I get the urge to post random song lyrics that in some way apply to my life.  You may have seen this, before.  Sometimes I want to, but don't, because hell, it's kind of lame.  But I rarely get inspired enough to write my own shit (I can do poetry, would love to write songs but damned if I can come up with something I like enough to commit to memory).

A friend posted a note to facebook which I'm going to appropriate here.  20 random-ish songs from my library (and I say randomish because if I think it's lame, I'm gonna skip to the next one until I find one that has lyrics I really like - my blog, my rules) and my favorite lines from them.  Hell I may include a reason why they speak to me on any given level)

Truthfully, I'd like to blog about something other than WWWednesdays, so here you go.

1. Lame - Seven Mary Three

I'm so damn lame
The way I condescend without even knowing his name
He keeps it in a box, hangs it from his ear
Looks at everyone without the slightest fear
It's making me so ashamed.

The whole song reminds in it's entirety reminds me of high school.  There were those people who you may have wished to know better, but maybe they were nerdy or kind of weird, and at that age you're still too worried about what the alpha crowd might think.. I knew a few of these people and although I pretended a lot to not to care about what others thought of me, I was still kind of too chickenshit to get to know them, based on my own prejudices.  By the time I got over it, it was too late.

2. Underground - Kimya Dawson

I'm wearing size 13 basketball shoes 
and lavender fishnets
I'm freaked out and fucked up
And I'm standing alone in an alley with you
wanting to show you a cure for your hiccups

Again, I'm a sucker for adolescent imagery

3. Smoke It - The Dandy Warhols
I've been thinking about nothing
And doing nothing but thinking

I just like this word play.

4. Unsound - The Headstones
Bottom lip quivers, rage is so apparent
Don't know whether to kill or cry
Don't know whether to rebuild or to burn it
You don't know how just to say goodbye

Hugh Dillon is just the fuckin' coolest.

5. Blew it Again - Blue Rodeo
I played you all my favorite songs
Catch you when you fall
You look at me, saying 'That's not it at all'

Ahh, yes. Marital miscommunication. "What did I do wrong"

6. Is this where I come in - Spirit of the west
Is this where I come in?
For I am your saving grace
Healer of the herd, descending on your space
My wings caught in your door, and my halo in your face

7. Time to Pretend - MGMT
This is our decision 
To live fast and die young
We've got the vision
Now lets have some fun

I liked these lyrics enough to put them in that little "Write something here" spot on my Facebook page.

8. Symbolistic White Walls - Matthew Good Band
I have a psychic
She says I'm lonely 
She says my destiny is turning out all wrong

My first psychic reading was bad. Really bad. Her predictions were disturbing and thankfully innacurate.

9. Vanished - The Headstones
I vanished Friday and appeared on Sunday
Only to regain my strength and do it again.

I've had weekends like this.

10. These Few Presidents - Why?
Even though I haven't seen you in years
Yours is a funeral I'd fly to from anywhere.

This is such a weird, back-handed compliment, but it's set up in kind of a bittersweet fashion. Over the years there have been people I've lost touch with, or have parted ways due to disagreement, but who I would still be incredibly sad if I heard they had died. Other people I just worry about getting 'that call'.. you know?

Okie doke, I'm going to stop here for now, my guitar has been calling me, going through these tunes. I'm thinking of pulling the electric out, since it hasn't been played in well over a year, if not two. It's so much easier picking up the acoustic, but I'm in the mood to bust some eardrums. Plus I have a royal butt-ton of laundry to fold, and I have to pick the ladies up at some point today. And I was listening to the Pixies and got a fun idea for a painting. Oh, and dishes. Right. It's gonna be a busy one, methinks.

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