Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A woman like that'd make you forget about Hiroshima

.. that's a line from a Kids in the Hall sketch I've had rolling around in my head since watching the Pilot episode on DVD the other night.  It's from the 'Guys on Break' sketch, which is basically about three guys who ogle women walking by and talk about all the things they'd like to do to them, only it's stuff like how they'd like to take them out to dinner or help them work out their issues with their ex in a bistro ("He was a bastard to ya! More Coffee More Coffee More Coffee!").  It's a work of comedic genius, really.

Anyway, that line has been stuck in my head for about a week now.  I think I'd like it if someone were to describe me as such.  I'm not particularly sure what it means, but it sounds cool.  Like someone who makes an impact.  A huge one.


This week has been a hard one.  I've been on the outs with one of my oldest dearest friends, and more and more it's looking like we're not going to be able to talk for a while.  I'm sad about this, and at the same time I'm indignant.  It's all different perspectives, but for me, what it comes down to is my feeling that my decisions are my own, and that while I don't require my friends to like what I do, they should respect them.  There is a short list of people I feel accountable to.. it mainly consists of my children, the law (within reason) and my own conscience.  My conscience is clean, I try to live my life as best as I can without hurting people around me. Those who have not walked a mile in my shoes need not pass down judgement.

That's all I'll say on the subject because despite the fact that this blog is my forum to vent, I still try to respect the privacy of others.

and now for something completely different...

I got the coolest captcha when commenting on a post at The Sassy Curmudgeon.

I think I want to try and work this into my vocabulary, because it sounds badass.. Rextro.  What do you think it means?  Something old, kitchy,. and badass.

Yeah.  And somewhat related, I watched Airheads this weekend, and I continue to have a dirty crush on Steve Buscemi's character, who happens to be named Rex, and happens to be pretty badass.

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