Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dreams in between the rare bout of insomnia

Usually I never have trouble sleeping.

"That's where I'm a Viking!" - Ralph Wiggum.

As mentioned, it been a rough week and stress brings odd and vivid dreams.  Oh, and I cut off all my hair yesterday, so that plays into this as well.

In the first part, a friend of mine decides to get a neck tattoo, which starts out as a subtle vine of flowers just above the collar bone.  I'm in the Legion, and she rushes in with her daughter, and I can tell something is very wrong because she's holding her head down as far as humanly possible.  I ask what is wrong and she tells me she went back for more inking.  Looking up, the tattoo now extends up to her chin, where it goes from being a jungle of vines and flowers to something that looks like a cross between Optimus Prime and the Thundercats logo, right under her nose and around her mouth.  She's obviously very upset.  I laugh, but in that horribly guilty "Oh my god, I'm so sorry I'm laughing" way.  We try to come up with a solution for the new face-tattoo, but come up with nothing.

Then I'm in a bathroom that looks alot like the upstairs at my friends place.  About five of my co-workers are jammed into the bathtub together.  I'm using (clean, unused) tampons as curlers, trying to curl my newly shorn hair into something respectable, and trying really hard to ignore the fact that five of my co-workers are crammed into the bathtub behind me.

In an attempt to break the tension, I say "Please don't mind my tampon curlers.  I don't have any real ones."  One co-worker hems and haws and tries to think of other household products that could be used in their place.


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