Monday, January 30, 2012

Please don't let me become one of those bloggers..

You know the ones.. The ones that do quick one-off posts to apologize for not posting? I hate that, and yet here I am... Doing a quick post so I can not feel so bad for not posting anything of substance here beyond the cute shit my nephew says.

I do have my introductory post up at Different Paths, Same Destination as well as another post coming up in a couple days. So it's not like I haven't written anything. Just not here, although I have started a few posts that I may finish enough others will have probably beaten the subjects to death.

So many ideas, so little time. Work and hanging out with the kids takes up a lot, plus an extra amount of company, while definitely enjoyable, has left little time to do much more than think of things to write, things to make, things to paint. My love of sleep doesn't help.

Maybe February will move at a slower pace. Wouldn't that be nice?


  1. And to think, I drew a pickle version of you, harumph.
    (The previous statement was meant as sarcasm which doesn't work in print yet I toil in futility none the less)
    We all (well I think we all) understand that life gets in the way. This is but one of your hobbies, no worries, we get it.

  2. At least you usually have stuff to write about. I'd be lucky to up date once a month cuz I can never figure out what I'm going to write. Then when I do, I used the time up doing something else. Probably something more important, but yeahs.

  3. Way to be "that guy" harharhar. !!

  4. Blogging is a part time job in and of itself. A crappy paying part time job at that.

  5. February will move faster because it has less days. Though slower than years without the 29th day.

  6. I have nothing to add other than congratulating you for at least writing something. There. <3

  7. What?! Hey -- get back and write for us!!

    What's that? Real life?

    OK. But promise you'll be back...


  8. It's so easy to get overburdened with stuff. Life's stuff. You know? Sheesh. I'm so glad you've made time for the group blog, because you're a great contributor. :)


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