Friday, September 23, 2011

Amazon is trying to make me out to be a Nazi.

It's pouring down rain today so I'm taking advantage of wanting to go nowhere on my break to do a quick blog-post about censorship, as I think I may have inadvertently been the victim of it in a small, small way.

Earlier today I was checking Amazon and adding various things to my Wishlist (yes, I've linked it so if anyone wants to buy me something pretty..) and found myself caught rather off-guard by the 'People who bought this..' feature.

Apparently there's some kind of weird link between scatalogical humour and a sociopathic desire to commit genocide.  Turns out that that people who bought Superbad: The Drawings (which yes, is a book of dick drawings inspired by the film.  If you haven't seen it, this will not make sense to you.  Consider yourself lucky) also bought Mein Kampf?

What the Fuck?  Why do I need to know this, Amazon?

Look. I'm not even kidding.  And it's the Uncensored version?
So as I do whenever something strikes me funny, odd or downright abhorrent, I took to Twitter to express my disbelief thusly:
Really #amazon? I'm disturbed to know that people who bought "Superbad: The Drawings" also bought "Mein Kampf"? #WTFF
The reason I didn't screen shot the actual tweet itself is that it has disappeared.  Folks, this is why programs that scan for 'questionable' words or phrases are bullshit.  Crawlers cannot account for context.  Someone who mentions Mein Kampf in a Tweet may not actually be trying to spread Nazi propaganda.. some of us are just trying to express a little bit of disbelief at this world.

I'm probably on some kind of government watch list now.  FANTASTIC.


  1. I hate that when I get on Amazon to buy something for myself, I get the suggestion of something I'd like based on what I bought FROM SOMEONE ELSE'S WISHLIST!!! Like I go looking for a Serenity book for me, but it tells me I'd like something based on a book I bought for my mom.

    Also, I know you were questionable, but I didn't think you were THAT questionable.

  2. There's a special price break if you buy Superbad: The Drawings and Mein Kampf together, plus the free super saver shipping is tough to pass up.

  3. People who are dick-obsessed may also be into Hitler. That makes sense. I just love the thought of the person making those purchases together. Maybe they were trying to hide the embarassment of their purchase by mindlessly clicking Buy on the first book they saw. Like the person in the supermarket who is covering up the embarassment of buying condoms by blindly putting Depends and hemoroid medicine around it.
    But what's up with Twitter censorship? There's a thousand horrific things said there every minute, but this gets auto-deleted!?!

  4. It's weird, because after I posted this, a friend of mine said he could see my post on his feed but not on my page.

  5. Wow.. I didn't know that re: Troy Davis.. I just figured it wasn't showing up on my trending topics because mine is set to Canada. Wow. Yeah, censorship DOES suck.

  6. Are you sure you weren't buying Sarah Palin's autobiography?

  7. Welcome Fat Steve (I know how you got here...!). I'm a biography enthusiast, but I'm pretty sure that's one I'd probably have to pass on.


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