Monday, May 9, 2011

My Favorite Search Terms from the Past Two Weeks.

Usually the search terms that bring people to this wee little corner of the internet are pretty, well, boring.  If not boring, they make sense.

This week the Google searchers are doing me proud.  It all started when someone found my site by searching 'Crotch Touching'.

(apparently I rank around fifth on the search results for that one.  Go Me!)

Here's some of the other odd, random and funny search results from the last two weeks:

I need tropes - well, okay, but maybe Rape apology wasn't what you were looking for.
red or purple kneecaps - If this happens, it may be time to take turns.
Ferris Bueller's motivation - (if only I could be)
foghorn leghorn tattoo penis <--- win.
Bible into tibet
"michelangelo's", "hamilton", "menu", "cannelloni" <-- I think someone is specifically trying to look up my vacation.  That's too many coincedences there.


  1. bible in tibet?


    Mine are usually about push up bras and lemon squeezing. -__-

  2. The bible in tibet one I actually get.. it has to do with a post I did for International Blasphemy Day and a story John Cleese told about missionaries trying to get a Bible into Tibet. Funny stuff.

  3. The foghorn leghorn one is classic. Holy hell that is funny.

  4. As of yesterday, someone landed on my site looking for anabolic steroids. Sorry, just sold the last to Barry Bonds.

  5. I don't want you to take time off from the internets because I dig you but you could retire from the webz after your Cartoon character junk post.

    Also, it was ME who provided Fog horn Leghorn's unit as search ability. I'll take my thank you in the form of blog

  6. Heehee, I love that you copped to that search. Love it.

  7. I never thought to look at that. I'll have to check it out. Funny stuff from your end tho!

  8. Sorry, that tattoo one was me. Working on my next tattoo design.

  9. Can I assume it was you behind the Hamish Linklater Tattoo one that showed up yesterday as well?

  10. Nope, that one wasn't me.


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