Friday, May 13, 2011

Sweet Jesus! It's Reverse Objectification Wednesday!

.. and goodness gracious me, I'm not drooling over some obscure indie musician! Okay, in fairness, some of my previous posts weren't terribly Indie, and one was a T.V. guy (albeit a rather obscure one) but mostly I have a soft spot (or a wet spot.. tomato, tomahto) for the musicians.

I'm not much of a sports gal.  I'm definitely not much of a racing gal.  But I have long harboured an unapologetic dirty crush on Quebec race car driver Jacques Villeneuve.

Let's get to the objectification, shall we?

So I was far more excited than any 30 year old woman should ever be when I saw the following:

Jacques Villeneuve to appear in Disney-Pixar’s CARS 2

Yeah, I'll be seeing this. It's definitely getting a pass on my moratorium on sequel making even though out of all the Disney Pixar movies, Cars was probably my least favorite (which is to say, I still liked it).  But I'll make an exception in this case because I'm a bit of a sucker for a good French-Canadian accent.  They'll make anything seem like a good idea, whether it's seeing the sequel to a film that may steal 90 minutes from my life I'll never get back, or making out with a 50-something Revenue Canada worker while on vacation.

Uhm... yeah...

Let's just forget I mentioned that last part mmmkay?  It'll be our little secret.

So yeah.. Apparently he'll basically be playing himself.. but.. as a car.

A pretty good-looking car, if you ask me.  How wrong would it be to fantasize about sprawling Whitesnake-video style across an anthropomorphized, animated version of a nummy looking race-car driver from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec?


Don't you judge me.


  1. I wouldn't dare judge you. But, I am chuckling.

  2. I;m not judging but I'm wondering....


  3. HE is cute. MUCH cuter than that car. Thanks for making me feel smarter when I go see the movie with my two boys. I'll have no choice.

  4. As long as you're cool with me imagining you in that dress, rolling around on the hood of a cartoon... I totally won't judge. :)

  5. @Johann - I'm here to amuse.
    @Lance - I make a lot of people do that.
    @Kelley - Your kids can think you're superawesome because you know all this great movie trivia!
    @D - You go right on ahead, m'dear. ;-) I don't mind at all.

  6. D'awwww! He has such an adorable smile.

  7. I feel a weird sense of vu-jade recommenting, but Bloger is being dificult of late, so here goes. And, I shall resist the impulse to leave a wittier, more insightful comment instead of the original.

    I would never dare judge you. But, I am chuckling.

    PS - Did I spell vu-jade correctly?


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