Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oh Blogger, you silly, silly platform, you.

Of course, I'm a glutton for punishment.

Wait, I'll get to that. Some backstory first.

I started blogging back in 2005, on the old MSN spaces platform.  I don't remember too many of the bloggers I read on there, with the exception of my dear friend Justin.  I have no idea if Justin still blogs, but I highly recommend to anyone with a taste for the macabre, to go and check out his photomanipulation art.. the guy is a master.  

When MSN Spaces switched to Windows Live Spaces and all of a sudden you had to be friends with people to read their blogs, or view pictures I said 'eff that shite', archived my blog by way of copy and pasting the whole mess into a word file, deleted my 'space' and moved to a new platform that still required you to friend people, but still allowed (at first) for you to read blogs and look at pictures without actually being friends with people.

That platform was MySpace. 

Actually, there's a funny story about how I ended up on MySpace and the huge but hilarious misunderstanding that ensued.

There I blogged for about three more years, and got heavily involved in some groups and forums where I befriended some amazing people.  But time went on, and the MS universe became a little more unbearable each day, a combination of boredom, the mass e-xodus to Facebook and an increasing number of 'Sorry! An Unexpected Error has Occurred'.

So late 2009 I moved my shit over here to Blogger.

Tonight I decided that I was going to try and import my entire MySpace blog into this on here, but it turns out that the import function is pretty, well, craptacular.  Being the masochist with entirely too much time on her hands that I am, I have embarked on copy and pasting and re-dating each post.  I've now worked my way back to the beginning of 2008, which is where I'll be leaving off this evening.

I'm a glutton for punishment.

In the name of full disclosure I will admit there are some posts that will not be making their way here for protection of the innocent and not so innocent.  One thing I do miss about the MySuck blogs is the ability to set different posts on different privacy levels (ie.. Open, Friends Only, Preferred Readers, Private).  It's not as detailed as Facebook's notes which pretty much let you pick and choose exactly who you do and don't want to see, but it was better than the All-or-Nothing thing that Blogger has going on here.

Looking back, I was a lot more candid on there, and I think the settings have to do with it.  I usually pride myself on being a pretty open book, but there's a few posts that I'm still not comfortable with having available upon a single keystroke.

At any rate, for shits and giggles, feel free to check out the archive sections to see some of the posts I've brought over.

If I find myself feel REALLY ambitious, then I may one day decide to try and work my old Spaces posts (which are still lurking somewhere in the deep dark reaches of my external hard drive) all up in here.


  1. I've been going back and forth myself, deciding whether or not to reblog all my MySpace blogs onto Facebook (mostly for the benefit of those that I met or became friends with post-MySpace), but I honestly can't be assed to just sit down and do it. Many of the more "important" ones have already been saved as Word documents, and subsequently saved to a Zip drive I don't want to reconnect.

    Eh, I may do it soon anyway. People need to know about ninja babies, damnit.

  2. This is true.. people DO need to know about ninja babies.

    My MSN blog was about 140 pages in Word, and I can't even say offhand how many pages the MySpace one added.. but it was a lot. This is going to be quite the endeavour. Especially when you consider that right now, in MS, you can't skip directly to a post or a date anymore, nor is there a next post/previous post option.

    No wonder Tom never got a movie made about HIM.

  3. 2005? You are an old hand at this. I've only been blogging for a few months.

  4. my "most successful" blog was a music one on mysocae - 2005-2006.

    I grew to hate myspace almost as much as I hate facebook.

    I enjoy blogger and my blog now. The outage this week was the first for me in the exactly one year of my current blog.

    plus...i ran across you, win win

  5. I can't wait to wander through the archives! I imagine it will be something like it was in "Being John Malkovich".

  6. I was a much less proficient writer when I wrote my blogs on myspace. Therefore, my myspace blogs remain ON MYSPACE. In fact, I don't think I even have the password to that account anymore. lol

    I gave you an award in my most recent blog Here :)

  7. And then the damn blogger was down, icing on the freaking cake.

  8. Well look at you go! I'm not sure I'd even want to know what I was doing in 2008. I still had a small(ish) child then. I was probably miserable.
    So all these years of blogging though, you're quite the rockstar! I often wonder how long I'll keep this up.


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