Friday, March 11, 2011

Numbers are just so.. Arbitrary.

I have a new weight loss goal.

So some may not know, but over the last four years I've lost about 60 lbs through Weight Watchers, and just better eating habits and more exercise. 

I stopped going to Weight Watchers this past January because I got pissed off with yet another corporate giant milking consumers for all they are worth.

Since then, I've been attempting to at least maintain, but some of my clothes are telling me I've not been doing a bang-up job on that front.  Mostly everything still fits, but a couple of things aren't looking as nice as they did a month or two ago.  Not owning a bathroom scale, I'd wager a guess I've put on maybe 5-10 lbs tops.

I intend to go back to tracking and attending meetings at a local group that costs a dollar a week rather than the 15 that weight watchers gouges you for.

As mentioned, I also have a new goal, one far less arbitrary than a silly number on a scale (which was, by the way 150 lbs.. at my lowest I was still 20 away from that). 
The coolest fucking pants on the planet.  I'd say universe because aliens may have the technology to make pants more fantastic than these, but if they do, I don't need to know about it.  I found them today at the Salvation Army for seven dollars.  Never worn.

So yeah.  My goal is to fit into these pants.  Numbers be damned.  Okay not totally damned, some numbering is involved.  These are a size 11.. I'm currently hovering around 12-13.  I think getting to a point where I can fit the most fucking spectacular awesome size 11 plaid pants is an admirable, yet reasonable goal.

So here we are, week 1.

I see London, I see France...
I haven't decided on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly updates yet.


In other news, last night was the final Midland production of the Vagina Monologues.  The show went over fantastically and we sold around 400 tickets which means a lovely wad of cash for our local women's shelter.  Great show, great ladies, great cause.  I'm both sad and glad to see it done, because although I get my life back now, it really was a lot of fun and I met so many awesome people.


Chloe's plumbing is all gone, finally got her spayed.  Still dealing with evil demon kitties I currently have, but at least it's without threat of more to come.  She looks truly pathetic right now though.

Hiding under the table as the boys still don't understand "Closed for Business"

Coming soon.. Tsunamis, Fangirlishness and Rape Culture (in unrelated posts, of course).


  1. Good luck with the weight loss.

    And there is nothing wrong (in my eyes) with a 11-12 size.

  2. Awesome pants indeed! I think making weight loss goals based on clothes you rather than a scale is a great idea - that's what I did after giving birth to Evelyn - never stepped on a scale, just wanted to fit into my damn jeans...! Also, I love the Vagina Monologues! So good!

  3. sorry, there's an extra "you" in there.

  4. Please pass my sympathies to your cat, I know how miserable they are wearing those lampshade things. Good luck with the pants, I am trying to imagne what alien pants look like.

  5. Don't know if I've said it before, and maybe you can find some of it on Youtube or sumpin', but get your hands on a copy of "I can make you thin" by Paul McKenna. It was on a few years ago, and It really worked for me. 15 pounds in 6 weeks. I could only find this poor quality vid on Youtube:

  6. Those ARE awesome pants. I used to own a pair of plaid pants a few years ago... (OK, it was more like 20+ years ago)... but if only I still had those pants! Oh, the places we could go! Me and my plaid pants!


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