Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This is going to be a quickie...

My days are all messed up.

Seriously, I was doing a quick post and I almost declared it a Half-Assed Weekend post, then I remembered it was Wednesday. Sweet Jebus, do I ever love being on holidays.

I got the call today that my ticket to the Dominican Republic all ready to be picked up. Oh yes, one sun and alchohol fuelled week with two of my best friends. Happy Belated 30th Birthday to me because really, who wants to go to the DR in AUGUST? You go in JANUARY so you can laugh at all the people who are stuck in here in -30 Canadian winter weather. Suckahs.

Went thrift-store shopping with my mom and sister today and it was fabulous. I had not one but two OMG experiences. I bought a pair of jeans for thirteen bucks that when I put them on, I swear, I heard a heavenly chorus. I've never had a pair of pants that fit so well. You KNOW it's a good pair, when you put on your previous 'favorite' pair and well, they just don't feel right.

I also picked up fabulous strapless party dress for New Years (which will also be wearable in the tropics) and a wicked cool Mad-Men style 50's secretary dress for work. Gotta work off some of my ass for it to fit properly, which I know goes against my thrift store shopping rules, but I really couldn't bypass this one. It was way too cute.

Awesome new years dress.  I don't care if I go out by myself, I'm going out in this.  Fuck you, New Years Eve.

Awesome 50's Madmen type office dress.  Little tight in the butt-area, but I'll get on that.
In other news, I started some new projects that will be getting added to the Etsy store when i get them done.  Awesome set of Johnny Cash coasters, and one of my friend's gave me an old mirror she had kicking around for the last four years or so.  On the way home from her place I was already thinking of things I could do with it, and it's coming along nicely.  I'll post pics when I get it done.. need some extra supplies before I can continue on it.

I really need to remember to get creative when I'm feeling like shit.  I was in such a crud mood yesterday but getting my hands dirty and listening to loud music just made everything go away.

Anyway, I'm off, dinner and movie night at my other friend's place tonight.  Looking forward to it, we haven't had much time to hang out with the holidays and all.

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  1. Wow, your day sounds amazing! I know exactly what you mean about the jeans - I have such a hard time finding the right pair, and I am envious of (and happy for) you for finding a pair at the thrift store of all places. I'm also envious of (and happy for) your lovely sounding vacation!


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