Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WWWednesday - Short but happy

Down Three freakin' pounds this week.  W00t.
Tracked my intake all week this week.  Every Single Day.  Double W00t.
Two weeks of PROGRESS in a row.  Triple W00t.
Broke the 60 lb mark (again).  well.. you know the drill by now.  W00t.

A friend that I usually run into on Wednesdays after the meeting (as it co-incides with lunchtime) commented that I looked good and asked when I was going to take up modelling.  Hahah.  Putting aside that this was plainly an attempt at flattery (not unappreciated!) and not a serious inquiry.. well, even if I was qualified, why would I spend all this time trying to build up my confidence to enter an industry that would likely destroy every last shred I possess.

Still, it was a nice thing to say.


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