Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just a few happies...

There's been a lot of sociopolitico doom and gloom from me as of late, so I'm just taking a second after a rather long, emotionally-draining fuckwad of a day to reflect on some of the happy in my life, and general 'stuff-i-like' (in no particular order)

  • kittens
  • last day of school
  • a weeks holidays
  • that giddy-girly feeling
  • that distinct lack of ambiguity
  • Canada day
  • seeing my best friend after like, what, two years??
  • mani-pedi day
  • new guitar strings
  • sexy underpants shopping
  • little plastic spider-man dolls (edit: happy, Chris?)
  • free comics that come with fun conversation
  • new library cards
  • cold beer
  • The Comics Curmudgeon (seriously, I've been slowly giggling myself to death on this blog.. and I don't even read the newspaper comics. But now I want to.)


Engaging in discussion and/or general sucking up.. that's where it's at!

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