Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Tut tut, looks like rain."

Oh, these glorious spring days, when I can sit on my porch and watch the world go by.  I feel utter contentment settle around me as my cheeks warm from the kiss of the sun.  Where I can lazily strum my guitar, pausing to sip a cold drink.

People pass by: on bikes, with their dogs.  A mere few weeks ago, snow banks still stood multiple feet high next to driveways, now melted ice flows down the gutters and pools in the corners of my yard.

My neighbour waves a friendly hand, just before he proceeds to turn around and pee on a nearby bush.


Maybe spring is over-rated, I think to myself, shuddering as I head back inside.


This post is part of the Studio30plus weekly challenge.  This week's prompt is "Kiss of the Sun".  Visit them at www.studio30plus.com


  1. HI Yandie, I saw your post on Bloggers helping Bloggers and thought I'd drop by. At this time I have zero need to pee in your bushes, but if you offer me something cold to drink that could change.
    I find your humor comfortable and familiar. It is filled with observation, pathos, and a "call 'em as I sees 'em" confidence. Love it.
    :) Gail agingschmaging.com

  2. Watched a couple of pale, scrawny teenagers fire one up in the park yesterday.

    Ah. Spring.



  3. Lovely! and yes I know the feeling of having a near-perfect moment marred by someone's insensitivity. I love your Charlie Brown "sigh!"

  4. There is always that One neighbor. Still glad to see warm weather returning.

  5. Playful! Love it... thanks for linking up!

  6. Great and atmospheric portrait of a moment and a scene, and beautifully offset by the bush-peeing detail. Excellent.

  7. Hi Yandie!

    Just making the rounds from Studio 30-plus. I like your take on the prompt, and the twist is wonderful.

  8. there is always that one neighbor doing that one thing you'll never un-see, but the warm breezes are worth it after this cold winter. Closing our eyes makes it easier for the sun to kiss our noses.


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