Saturday, February 23, 2013

25 things you probably didn't know that you didn't know about me.

Like a freshly painted brick wall in an old downtown corridor, it appears I have been tagged, by one Crystal at Ideally Speaking. I've been at a bit of a loss for writing material so here goes.

1. Where were you born?
In a hospital in Kitchener, ON, presumably on some kind of bed.

2. Were you named after someone?
I usually tell people I was named after my mom's older brother, who is an Andy. In actual fact, I think I was named after my day's secretary at the time, which is something that causes people to side-eye me (not to mention my dad!) pretty hard because that's kind of weird, right?

3. If you have children, how many do you have?
I have two daughters who are that age where they do things like read and go online so I think the less identifying details, the better.

4. How many pets do you have?
I have a cat. His name is Simon. He's kind of a dick.

5. What was your worst injury?
A few years back I was a friends house during some particularly bad freezing rain. I opted to walk home instead of waiting another hour for a ride, since I had to work in the morning. On the way home I slipped on a curb and smacked the back of my head. I walked the rest of the way home, crying and apparently bleeding quite profusely. I ended up with a slight concussion and five stitches in the back of my head.

6. Do you have a special talent?
I think I mention it in my About Me: "Jill of all trades, master of none." I have a lot of things I feel I'm kind of good at.. Writing, drawing, guitar, singing but it'd be kind of awesome to have that kind of prodigal talent that comes with little effort. I have to work pretty hard.

7. What's your favorite thing to bake?
I used to bake a lot of banana bread, usually because I'd have a lot of brown bananas in the freezer. Kids got sick of them. I don't really bake much to speak of.

8. What is your favorite fast food?
I used to like McDonalds because "Hey, at least it's cheap!" Except it's not anymore. It's gotten damn expensive. I like Harvey's, I guess. We had a Union Burger up until recently. I was sad to see it go.

9. Would you bungee jump?
I've watched enough bungee jumping videos that all I can wonder is how people aren't snapping their necks? So probably not. I'd be more likely to sky dive, or maybe zip line.

10. What is the first thing you notice about people?
Oh.. Hell. I don't know. Context matters, I suppose. People on the street? People in my social circles? Physical attributes? Demeanour?

11. When was the last time you cried?
Today, probably? A few small tears of frustration at some task giving me pain? Maybe not. but odds are sometime within the last three days. I'm a crier. My full spectrum of emotion is generally expressed with tears: anger, frustration, sadness, sometimes even joy. It's quite ridiculous. It can be awkward, since our culture is incredibly averse to shows of emotion, not to mention it tends to make me seem a lot more emotionally fragile than I actually am. I mean, I get upset, I cry but then I deal with shit and life goes on. I wish I had better control over it, because there are times where I know people definitely have thought I was being manipulative when I really have a hard time not crying, meh. It is what it is.

12. Any current worries?
Money, trying to be a good mom. Some minor health issues that I am trying to keep from becoming major health issues.

13. Name three drinks that you drink regularly.
Coffee, milk and beer. Option one and three I am attempting to cut down on, due to aforementioned health issues.

14. What is your favorite book?
Hugh Maclennan's The Watch That Ends The Night. I have read it at least fifteen times. It's a beautiful story.

15. Would you like to be a pirate?
I'd rather be a rock star, thanks.

16. What are you favorite smells?
Vanilla, citrus scents and dry dirt roads mid-summer. The last one brings me back to summers at my Nanny's trailer at Musky Bay.

17. Why do you blog?
To vent, mostly. I complain a lot, I guess. My complaining has gotten bigger on a social scale, so that this has turned into a part-time social justice blog.. But sometimes I just want to share the funny shit my kids say and do as well. Or rave about bands I like. Maybe practice some creative writing. It's a place to get out of my own head.

18. What song do you want played at your funeral?
Unlike crystal, I must be morbid because I have the beginnings of a full playlist picked out for my funeral. So far my funeral procession will consist of Trooper's "We're Here for a Good Time", "Angels and Seagulls" by Kimya Dawson, "Do You Realize" by the Flaming Lips, Richard Laviolette's "Funeral Song" and maybe if there is time "The Aeroplane Over The Sea." The basic theme is being okay with mortality. I don't want people to be too sad.

19. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?
Well, the crying thing. That sucks, honestly. I'm insecure as all hell as well. I have, what has been referred to online as a bit of a Jerkbrain that likes to, every so often, say things to make me feel bad about myself, usually in reference to how much more awesome everyone else in the world is than me. I like to drown it out with music, lots of music.

20. What is your favorite hobby?
Music soothes even the savage Jerkbrain. My guitar has been my saviour.

21. What do you look for in a friend?
Honesty, with the ability to know the difference between concern and judgement. Willing to be there throughout the good and the bad. An appreciation for the absurd.

22. Name something you've done that you never thought you'd do?
Never really thought I'd take up kick boxing as a hobby, but I quite enjoy it. I don't think I'm disciplined enough to actually fight competitively, but as a workout it's kept me in decent shape.

23. What are your favorite things to do?
I feel like I've answered this. I love playing music, especially in public. This past year I've done a lot of hiking with The Well-Travelled One, and can't wait until the weather gets nice enough to do more. Also love driving around, getting lost.

24. Any pet peeves?
My kids incessantly take their socks off when they go to their dad's after school and then 20 minutes is wasted looking for them when I go to pick them up. Drives me batty. Also, fucking "Share if you agree" Facebook bullshit. Seriously, knock that shit off. Use your share button with discretion, folks.

25. What's the last thing that made you laugh?
Oh jeez. I don't even know. Could have been anything. If there's one thing I do more than cry, it's laugh. The world is a funny, funny place.

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