Saturday, January 26, 2013

The thing about 'But'

It's been pointed out on the internet umpteen times, but I just feel the need to reiterate.. if you find yourself making a statement, then adding a 'but' or 'however' you may just end up completely discrediting your original statement and revealing a lot more about how you think.

"I'm not racist but I really think Native people need to get over it already."
"Actually, I kind of am."
"I'm not homophobic, but I just wish they wouldn't flaunt it everywhere."
"Actually, I kind of am"
"Of course rape is wrong, but maybe she should have not sent out so many 'mixed signals'/been walking out alone/let that guy buy her a drink/been alone with that guy/drank so much"
"I actually think there are times when rape is justified. "
"Of course those cops shouldn't have beat that guy up, but if he didn't have anything to hide, why would he not give them his name?"
"Although I will say cops beating civillians is wrong, it's actually pretty normal and to be expected when someone doesn't submit to authority"
If you find yourself saying but after similar statements ("I'm not sexist, but.." "I'm pro-choice, but..." and even examples like "I'm no feminist, but {insert pro-feminist statement about gender equality here}" take a long hard pause and think about whether your following statement is going to discredit your opening.

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