Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Houss-keepink? Hoooouuuussssskeepink?"

Just doing some light house keeping.  Updated the blogroll and took off some folks who are no longer blogging or actively blogging.

D'Artagnan, if you're reading this... WTF man?  Not even a good bye?

I've also added some folks to the roster who I think are worth a read, so take a gander and see if anyone catches your fancy.  Moved the Popular Posts over to the sidebar so I could include more posts.  If anyone knows how to do 'Random Posts' or 'Related Posts' and wants to let me in on the secret that'd be great.

To date, my most popular search term is "Tom Cavanagh" which has led a whole fifteen people to this little piece of the internet.  Is it wrong that a little part of me hopes that Tom Cavanagh spends his spare time Googling himself and will one day stumble across this blog and fall madly in love with me?

It'd be great.  We could get a cottage on Georgian Bay where we'd sit and be reminded of light beer.

And this could be me.  I thought photo-shopping my head onto Julie Bowen's body could be construed as "Creepy" - Source
The Tragically Hip are playing in Bobcaygeon  this weekend (and if you're a Hip Fan you will know how epic this really is) and I'm in physical pain from the knowledge that I won't be going.  I'd almost consider offering perverse sexual favours to the person who could offer me me a ticket, but then again if I was willing to go that far, I might have held off on cutting the most-recent-ex out of my life for a couple weeks or so.

Maybe Tom Cavanagh has an extra ticket?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go watch this video on loop and drink heavily and cry.

Extra points for Hugh Dillon's cameo.

Author's Note:  Just wanted to point out how creepy, out of its proper context, this still from the video is.  It's like the girl is off screen is going "Noooooo!" at the approaching Gord Downie in all his law-enforcement intimidation (for context: she's opening the screen door for him)


  1. I feel honored to have made the blogroll.

  2. OK I CANOT BELIEVE THIS. I just came here to tell you that Rob Baker is at the Lacrosse game I"m at! And here is your post with a Hip video in it! I can't handle it.

  3. thanks for keeping me in the blog roll

    I liked the show Ed a lot. My kdis like that Santy Claus movie Cavanaugh did too.

    I also like The Tragically Hip. I had an album of theirs that I lost in the still bitter

  4. @Oilfield - of course you're up there!

    @Marianna - I. AM. SO. JEALOUS. Please touch him for me. Innappropriately, even.

    @Lance - I loved Tom as Zach Braffs brother on scrubs. I'd be totally bitter about it as well. Expecially if it was Phantom Power. Or Road Apples.

  5. It was Phantom Power

  6. Gah! That Wench! (Phantom Power is probably my favourite out of all their releases, even though it took me some time to appreciate it)

  7. I dig Tom Cavanagh, too. Probably not as much as you do, but I still like him. He was good in the show "Jack & Bobby" for the few episodes he appeared. But the threesome of Zach Braff, Tom Cavanagh, and John Ritter being in the same family on "Scrubs" was awesome.

    Thanks for the add to the roll.


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