Thursday, April 14, 2011

Because F*** Random Generators.

I feel ripped off.

Two other bloggers, The Bloggess and Today Is My Birthday have recently posted about the 'That can be my next Tweet' generator and it looked like fun so I decided to try it.  The generator is under the impression that I am some kind of disorganized schizophrenic*  unable to form a complete, cohesive sentence.

I know these things just basically take words I've already used and make them into new things, but seriously?  This?
For Zombie Jesus references? didn't actually go to feed an honor! Safety tip: before I like lazy man.
My Motivation is to do both and Nickelback. I said the insurance money and hope people lauding Harper for!

*snicker* I'm cosplaying as all you the little sick of those, right? car I'll just tell you know, I just.

Bring me on outside our number so I hate award shows. Jim Cuddy could probably wear a car I'll just get!

Seriously though.. this way. Jordanian fellow on me. Nothing like my younger self had lousy taste if?

... and should write something anyway blog) I kind of coffee. want to hear mommy blogger and this Fight.
 In other news though, Feministe posted a link to an article called "Five Things You Should Know About New York," and asked everyone to contribute five things about their geographical location.  Here's my contribution:
Five things to know about living in the Midland/Pentanguishene, (aka lower cottage country aka Huronia) area, Ontario.
1) Every year at least one jackass will go through the ice on a snowmobile. Usually in October, or March.
2) Locals swim in Georgian Bay. Tourists swim in Little Lake Park, then go back to Toronto and die of dysentery. Don’t swim in Little Lake Park.
3) Balm Beach is always freezing cold. 365 days a year. But it’s still more advisable than Little Lake Park.
4) In the winter, the town plows the snow into the middle of the road. No one knows why they do this, and no one ever will.
5) For nightlife, you pretty much have Bleachers or the Legion. It’s a toss-up between Barely-Legals and Barely-Breathing**.. if you’re between the age of 25 and 40, we suggest heading to Barrie for nightlife.
 What about where you are from?

*For those confused, "Disorganized Schizophrenia" is actually a diagnosis characterized by incohesive thoughts, sentences that don't make sense etc... I'm not just referring to a schizophrenic who has misplaced her day planner.

**Fellow Legion goers, I kid because I love. 


  1. *Snork* Every year I just CRINGE seeing kids IN Little Lake. Good Lord, WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS?

    In the late 80's, ( I was 10ish.) they would stack the snow in the middle of the road about 5 feet tall before taking them down. We didn't live here then, just visited from Toronto. That TOTALLY freaked me out.

    I couldn't believe my mother was going to move us to the ARCTIC! :)

  2. When I was in college, my environmental science class took a field trip to the water treatment facility in Orillia, and the guy that was giving the lecture there told us there was not enough money in the world to make him swim in Little Lake.

  3. Hilarious, I will keep that in mind should I ever find myself there.

  4. Well, I'm there w/ the random word generator: "To child who talks to be able to occur. I've taken a blowjob is crazy! food poisoning is after I was in." or "Don't know what is truly cracked. have too awesome for the showerhead of chocolate can keep a URINE!"


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