Friday, October 29, 2010

Best Halloween Week Moments and Quotes 2010 Part 1

At Toronto Zombie walk: 

"I have blood on my bra *sad face*"

Trying to take realistic pictures on the way to Toronto: 
Me: "Zombies drive cars.  It's true."  
Sammi: "Close your eyes.  I want you to look dead."
Me: "For god's sake, tell me when the light turns green."

Me: "This is one day I don't care if I get ketchup on my face"
Sammi: "Being a zombie is no excuse for being a slob"

"Hey, at least the rain will wash the blood out of your parents driveway."

In Female Monty Python Character voice:  "Brains, Brains, Brains, Spam and Brains."

Decorating the house:

Talking the children into sacrificing a Bratz styling head and a baby doll for the house decoration.

"I can't get this knife to stay in the baby."

Inadvertantly making the shed look like a crime scene while prepping my costume.

Going to work in full Zombie Gear:

My friend Mike, upon seeing me in the parking lot at work:  "Why is it that this doesn't surprise me in the least?"

Greeting my co-worker:  "Morning Ange!"
Ange: *spits coffee*

My Boss (after meeting with another co-worker who was dressed as a pirate): "Got a second?"
Me, turning around: "Sure Do."
Boss:  "*sigh+chuckle*  I can't take anyone seriously today."


  1. I love love LOVE that you went to work in full zombie regalia.

    I want photos! (And good thing about the rain or THAT might have been awkward about the blood...

    It would never fly at my work, though I should have tred it, just to piss off my bosses. We even had an all-staff meeting so it would have had extra punch.

  2. WE're a pretty small (but growing) company, and we occasionally do stuff like pj day and such.. it's a pretty cool place to work.


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